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HEYYYYY long time no see.........................
SO first of all id like to say: jesus christ? The statistics on my last animation meme video. Oh my god. I did not expect that. But thank you all regardless!! That means a lot, every comment and every like!
HOWEVER i noticed some people complaining it was just looped. To my defense: YES IT IS because back when i made it my computer just "broke down" (graphics card stopped working, sony vegas fucked up, etc) and i didnt really manage to... properly animate. I couldnt see what i was doing because it was so laggy and the preview window barely worked, haha. (i was practically animating blind, help)
My computer is still not at its finest and i havent been able to animate anything (even tho ive been wanting to) since im on integrated graphics card, and the hard drive i had all my software on basically... is.. dead. So a lot of my stuff went with it. I still havent managed to restore it though...
But of course i hope i can get back and make more stuff soon!! Ive been super busy these past 2 months (and they have NOT been good on me, im super exhausted mentally) and sadly ill have to stay busy a while. I will be drawing and making more music as time goes, because thats just simply my hobby, but uploading videos here might be... more slow and perhaps not a lot of quality stuff.
I blame my memelous boyfriend for making me remix this song.
(i originally made it a good while back now, but i just finished the video for it. Enjoy!)
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