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[Remix] S.T.A.L.K.E.R Clear Sky - Bandit Radio

6 дн назад

HEYYYYY long time no see......................... SO first of all id like to say: jesus christ? The statistics on my last animation meme video. Oh my god. I did not expect ...

[Album Stream] Halloween Collection 2018 (DL in desc.)

1 нед назад

Happy late halloween! ~~~ If you like what i do, consider supporting! Leave a buck over here: https://ko-fi.com/dubbie OR Download the album from Bandcamp ...

[Animation Meme] Medicine

2 меc назад

wew ~~~ original: https://youtu.be/b4LIJmNgtM0 If you like what i do, consider supporting! Leave a buck over here: https://ko-fi.com/dubbie.

[Original Music] Mortal Trickster ~ Eyes of the Uncanny

2 меc назад

Another one of those very melodic and kind of "complex" Noname tracks! Im happy i managed to make something like this after an immense hiatus regarding ...

[Preview] Make Fantasies / VOL 3

3 меc назад

well, im not a dedicated youtuber but i still like sharing content. Enjoy!

[Original Music] Mad Blossoms

3 меc назад

so ive been through real tough times these recent weaks anddddd yeah, im jumping straight back into hell tomorrow where ill have to work harder than ever as ...

[Music] Cuphead OST - Fiery Frolic (Grim Matchstick's Theme) remix

5 меc назад

Id like to mention that im incredibly thankful for all the feedback on my previous remixes! Reading all the comments make me SO happy, wow... I never expected ...

[Original Music] Interstellar Odyssey

5 меc назад

finally back with some good tunes. been working on this one for a while cuz ive been struggling to extend it and make it more.... filly. But im done now. So, heres ...

[Animation Meme] i just wanna die

5 меc назад

i spent all day on this and its been such a great stress reliever for me. My mind has been going through so much these months, i hit a wall, got sick, been crying ...

[Original Music] fysikrevolten

6 меc назад

Sorry for the slight inactivity! for being so drained on motivation and inspiration lately and even falling sick from pressure by school i think i did a decent job on ...

[Original Music] Mind Annihilation

7 меc назад

" cant finish work when crying now can you ? " --- art / visual by me as well.

[Music] TQBF & Klippa - MELANCHOLY passing into MANIA (Legacy Dubz Remix)

8 меc назад

I had a blast working on this remix. Since inspiration has been extremely dry lately, not alot of work has been squeezed out of me though. My brain is just ded ...


8 меc назад

that autotune voice in the beginning tho :^) anyways......... Wrapped up a little channel video! I hope its enjoyable?? ~~~ All art seen in the video as well as music ...

[Out now!] Uncharted Waters

8 меc назад

recent experiences and life in general is tearing on me but also providing me some of the happiest moments in life so far i decided to share some snippets of an ...

[Animation Meme] gold | ORIGINAL

9 меc назад

If this already exists pl e as e tell me aaa and.... Thank you all sO MUCH FOR 500 SUBS !! ~~~ Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09wdQP1FFR0.

[Original Music] when paranoia strikes

9 меc назад

aaaaaaa ive been through a lot lately and its been messing w my head but im trying to keep working on stuff for my channel/ hope yall enjoy thiss.

[Animation Meme] Sunset Lover

9 меc назад

the naive and the innocent. ~~~ Finished second ever animation meme. Took me longer than it should have, i made it with way too many complications but,,,, ...

[TF2 / Original Music] Starfall in Vanguard

10 меc назад

And im back with some more music for you all !! I hope you enjoy this one even tho i dont have much to tell in the description,, ~~~ Thumb/cover is a paintover by ...

[Original Music] Light Head Near Dead ~ Fever Dream ( read description !! )

10 меc назад

SO GUYS -- I have to start with saying that my channel isnt something,, very active? Unfortunately i dont have a lot to post right now, most of my time is eaten up ...

[Speedpaint] Baroness Von Bon Bon + Subscriber Milestone!

11 меc назад

We reached the first milestone, 100 subscribers!! Thank you all so much for the support! It truly means a lot. All the comments youve been leaving for me is ...

[Music] Cuphead OST - Sugarland Shimmy (Baroness von Bon Bon's Theme) remix

12 меc назад

Update: HOLY SHIT 10 000 VIEWS?? WHOA THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH ~~~ Good day for a swell battle! amiright? Heres my second take on a remix!